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Our organic CBD oils are of the highest quality and obtained from organic hemp and carefully diluted to achieve exact concentrations of other cannabinoids, nutrients and antioxidants.

You can buy our CBD oils with a concentration of 3%-25% CBD (Cannabidiol).

✅ 0.0% THC and legal.

✅ 100% natural and organic hemp.

✅ No additives.

✅ Documented effect.

✅ Full-spectrum of cannabinoids

✅ Fast delivery. 

✅ Direct from the farm in Switzerland. 

✅ Thousands of returning customers.

No psychoactive effect or additives

Our CBD oil is tested, analyzed and documented in laboratories in Switzerland and the United States. The Cannabis oil doesn't have any psychoactive effect. You can be assured that our CBD oil does not contain pesticides, toxins, heavy metals, solvents, preservatives, artificial colours, GMOs or synthetic cannabinoids.

Which Concentration of CBD oil should I buy?

Most new customers start with 5% or 10% concentration of CBD and subsequently change to a stronger concentration. The CBD with olive oil has a milder taste and is especially recommended for new users of Cannabis oil, as it has a milder aroma than CBD with hemp seed oil, which has a very authentic and powerful aroma.

How should you use organic CBD oil?

There are different ways to take CBD but our product is recommended for topical use. Apply a small dose of the product gently to the affected areas. This allows the oil to absorb through the skin and will give you much better results and a faster effect.

How much CBD oil should you buy?

A 10 ml bottle contains approx 270-300 drops of organic CBD oil in liquid form and is easy to take and dispense as needed with the included pipette. The recommendations are based on MEDCAN organization in Switzerland.

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